• Five common mistakes you make after sports

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    You put on those sports shoes and actually started moving, congratulations. But even after that good shower and that pat on the back for yourself, it is important to take a few things into account. You might make these five mistakes after you've finished your opleiding personal coach workout. 1. You forget the cool downAfter a hard workout, the temptation is great to immediately stumble towards the shower. Yet it is very important not to skip the cool down. If you abruptly stop exercising, your heart rate will also go down too fast. This can make you dizzy and even faint. So make sure you walk for a few more minutes after walking, and don't skip the cool down on the cardio equipment in the gym. 2. You skip the stretchingStreching is essential because it allows your muscles to recover, grow and become stronger. It also relaxes your muscles, ensures blood circulation and helps eliminate waste products, making you less stiff the next day. This is how you get the most out of your workout. 3. You eat wrongI've been working out, so now I've earned a pack of fries? Not the wisest choice. Save that treat for yourself for later, because just after exercise, your body needs the right nutrients to regain its strength. After a workout, a combination of complex carbohydrates with protein is a good choice, such as a wholemeal sandwich with banana and peanut butter. By the way, did you know that a chocolate milk after a workout is a good idea? You could read more nutrition tips before and after exercise here. 4. Waiting with a showerDo you often suffer from pimples on your chest and back? Certainly then it is important to shower immediately after your workout, to rinse off all the dirt, sweat and bacteria and thus avoid infections. Don't spend hours in your sweaty outfit. 5. Drink too little (or just too much)Headache after an intense sports session? Then you may be dehydrated. Even after your workout, try to drink enough to rebuild the water reserves in your body. Also be careful with alcohol after exercise. Not only will it dehydrate you even more, alcohol also slows down muscle recovery. So treat yourself to that chocolate milk, drink enough water and keep that glass: source: https://www.remotiontraining.be

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